Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are You Being Duped by AARP?

When AARP came out for the perscription drug plan we wrote them and dropped our membership. At that time we realized what they were, granted we had some doubts before that. But, like many others we realized we got a few perks, not many, but a few hotel bills were a small amount less, so we had kept it.
An American Spectator blog article by Philip Klein,
Last week, many of you saw the video of a Dallas AARP town hall meeting on health care that AARP officials ended early after the audience raised too many objections. The woman leading the meeting, for instance, tried to shut up audience members who said they disagreed with her when she made assumptions about what she thought they would agree with her on. At one point, a man summed it up by asking, “Do you guys work for us, or do we work for you?”
If you haven't already written them off as liberal, go read the whole thing and watch the video.

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