Friday, October 1, 2010

What do You Believe?

I got this from Annie Kitay.  We know what she believes.  Do you? Are you willing to work for it?

God Blessed this Land : Will Man do the Same

Ask me what I believe in - c'mon ask me! I believe in only three things.

I believe in God. The God who created all that is known and unknown. He sees all and knows all. When He created me I was given the right to obey Him or not. The right to love Him or not. He set down only 10 rules that He wanted us to follow or not. Those rules would guarantee us a good life if we stuck to them.

I believe that those lumps of clay known as our Founding Fathers were guided by God. They struggled, failed, tried again and corrected and edited then added to the paper that defines our form of government. What you want to bet that when their kerosene was running low that God Himself kept the light burning and shining. He watched them closely and dare I say probably inspired some of their better stuff.

I believe that I am supremely blessed to have been born in this land - this land originally formed by God's Hand - this land that explorers sailed uncharted waters for centuries looking for what they considered a treasure island. I did not have to know the deprivation known by so many peoples on this earth experience. The people drawn to this land were more generous as they shared in slow and hard times. They knew they needed neighbors to help them as they helped as they could. Only in this land could I strive to learn whatever tickled my fancy and speak aloud publically whether I agreed or disagreed without fear of reprisal. My status as a citizen was not determined by what I accomplished or not - I owned all the important privileges even the richest of men possessed. All citizens in this land are equal and those who started here as slaves were fought for in a civil war. Even those slaves fought along side of all citizens.

As a country we have had our drawbacks, problems, weaknesses, failures. Yet at our very core we knew we could and should do better. And only in America can we know that the sky is the limit!

Think about what America really means to you! Is she just the best and freest nation on this earth or is she much more! Ronald Reagan believed she was much more that she was 'that shining city upon a hill".

That lady in the harbor holds her torch high regardless who is president, which party is in power, rain or shine! Shame on us if we cannot bring ourselves to stand in her shoes and always remember to thank our Creator for all we are, have and can be.

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