Thursday, October 14, 2010

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace was shown last night as the last rescue worker was lifted from the mine.

It was amazing grace that allowed the miners to live for 17 days while trapped so far underground.

It was amazing grace that allowed the technology to drill deep into the earth to rescue the miners.

But the greatest amazing grace was in the heart of the first rescuer to go down into the mine to be with the miners and assess them medically. Those who followed him showed amazing love and grace and I suspect any one of them would  have been happy to be the first..

We all rejoiced for each miner as they were lifted out. I was afraid the press was going to leave the scene after the last miner came up.  The reporters I was listening to expected the president to leave after his speech. They watched the buses and commented on the fact they expected to see him leave by car or plane.  But no, he was there to greet the last and first miner to exit the mine. 

I saw at least four of the major talking heads almost break up in tears, I saw Paul Begala almost overcome when speaking after saying his family prayed for the rescue. The grace of God was surely in the rescue.

It all seemed miraculous, but it was the grace in the hearts of the miners,  the rescuers and the people of Chile and around the world that touched me. This is the global thinking I like to see.  All of the miners I watched, their families, and even reporters, were thanking God for the rescue. It was Amazing Grace.

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