Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On making sexual objects of children

Rebecca Hagelin has a column in concerning the sexualization of Halloween costumes for children. She is not talking about what the boys are wearing. We have watched for the past decade as children's, and I include teens as children, clothing became more and more slutty. Styles we used to think were for prostitues, or at the least Victoria's Secret, are commonly seen on the racks of clothing for girls. Boy's clothing is still boy's clothing but you have to look to find demure girl's clothing.

Here is what Hagelin says about the Halloween costumes:
Halloween's Sexual Trend

Halloween is around the corner, so you’re expecting a steady train of ghosts, Hollywood heroes, and princesses to knock on your door.
Well, brace yourself. Princesses look different these days. The pre-teen and teenage girls who show up are likely to be wearing trampy costumes that say “s-e-x,” rather than “trick or treat.” We all know that girls are being sexualized by the culture at younger and younger ages in their daily wear. But Halloween costumes have taken things to a new low, making our little girls into sex objects even midst what is supposed to be an evening of childhood fun. The sad reality is that we live in a pop culture that is obsessed with trying to make our boys and girls think about sex all the time.
Lots of parents have issues with Halloween for religious reasons – their consciences don’t allow them to feel comfortable celebrating what they see has a night paying homage to evil. Many have opted to let their children participate in the innocent and fun act of trick or treating by setting rules that they can’t dress in costumes that glorify mutilation and death. Now they’ve got to look out for the hyper-sexualized costumes too.
You need to read the rest, go here.

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