Friday, October 29, 2010

As a Texan I am offended by this, as a taxpayer I am outraged

We support our universities very well here in Texas.  We know many professors are liberal, but how many are activists using our time and our money. I didn't hear about this from the mainstream media, I read it on Pajamas Media.
It starts out with a tale of misconduct at the polls in Houston, that's bad, but this is the part I'm talking about (posted by Bryan Preston):
We’re gathering other evidence of the left’s particular brand of GOTV, such as hints that professors may be abusing their positions to encourage their students to vote a certain way, as in this email from a professor at the University of Texas at Brownsville (emphases in original).
Dear CoE Colleagues,
This afternoon, we received a request from the provost that all faculty walk with their students to the UTB/TSC early voting polling site located in Mary Rose Cardenas South during the last 10-15 minutes of class on Thursday and Friday (the poll will also be open on Monday).

The number of students and faculty voting on campus remains low, far below our goal of 100%, which puts our campus polling place at risk. Please consider engaging your students in a dialog about why they choose to vote or not to vote. With several positions on the ballot for the local school board, there is much to talk about in a College of Education regarding voter participation.

No class? No problem. CoE staff will be available to drive faculty and staff (not students) in the golf cart to MRCS to vote. The minimum number of passengers is three. Call 882-7220 for a free ride to the polling place.

Starting tomorrow, tallies will be taken by college for student, faculty, and staff voter turnout. Let the College of Education lead the way!


Selma Yznaga

Selma d. Yznaga, Ph.D., LPC-S
Founder, Texas Counselors for Social Justice
Associate Professor
Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies
The University of Texas at Brownsville
“Founder, Texas Counselors for Social Justice.” How telling. Any chance she wants her students to vote for fiscal responsibility and limited government?
If you witness anything like these incidents, please send it to us at
How blatant can they be.  Notice this was not instigated by this professor, it was by the provost, she was just enthusiastically following up on the request.  This is electioneering
vote buying? harrassment (?) in the worst form.  I just don't know exactly what to call this, but anyway you call it is not good.  I suspect some heads will roll on this, and well they should!

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