Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We are fighting the battles in Congress with our hands tied behind our backs

Until conservatives take some seats in the house and senate we are fighting the battle to change our country from a Democartic Republic to a socialist republic. Some of our Senators and Representatives are doing all they can, but without enough of them they are constrained by the numbers.
From Yahoo/AP:
        The top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee warned Monday that he would seek to slow Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's path to confirmation unless senators get full access to her files as a Clinton administration aide.
       Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., the Judiciary Committee chairman, last week set hearings to begin on June 28. Sessions said Republicans would ask for a delay unless senators get access to the tens of thousands of pages of Clinton-era records by then.
"We're heading to what could be a train wreck," Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama said. "I don't believe that this committee can go forward with an adequate hearing" without all records from Kagan's tenure as a White House counsel and then domestic policy adviser to President Bill Clinton.
       Sessions doesn't have a veto over the hearing schedule, but his threat set the stage for a potential partisan showdown over the documents and the pace of Kagan's confirmation process.
There is no bi-partisanship in this Congress, not on the Democratic side, and most of the Republicans. The RINOs of course blow with the prevailing winds.

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