Friday, May 28, 2010

We are All Cynics Now

And Thank God for that.  If you are not cynical you have just not been facing facts.
Even Chris Mathews is calling the oil spill response a Jimmy Carter/embassy type moment.  James Carville is spitting mad and saying so.  Here are some other links you might be interested in reading:
President Barack Obama in Grand Isle after touring beach in Port Fourchon
apparently he finally realized this was a big deal and he better show up down there and look sympathetic.

From Investor's Business Daily: Slick, Real Slick
Accountability: Democrats have finally gotten around to blaming the Bush administration for the Gulf oil disaster. We wonder when this administration will take responsibility for anything.
ABC News: President Obama's Jimmy Carter Moment?

Chris Matthews Blasts Obama: “The Gulf Of Mexico Is More Important Than A Presidency”

Then of course The Sestak Moment:
From the Washington Examiner: GOP: White House Sestak story not believable
this by Byron York who is an Obama non-believeri n the first place.

From NBC and MSNBC :And here's Sestak's response
Read the comments at this one, the real true believers are ready to tar and feather Chuck Todd for not following the party line as he usually does.

Both the Oil spill and the Sestak story are not going away.  Some people may think it is business as usual but others are coming and and saying there is not only the Sestak story but also the story out of Colorado on the senate race told here by A J Strata in Stratasphere: Sestak Not The Only Incident Of WH Felonious Job Offers.
Sadly for Team Obama they have been so clumsy and crude in their Chicago Way that they have established clear evidence of the felonious act of trading jobs for political return in more than one instance. Take the Colorado Senate race for example, and this time pay was included:
Jim Messina, President Barack Obama’s deputy chief of staff and a storied fixer in the White House political shop, suggested a place for Romanoff might be found in the administration and offered specific suggestions, according to several sources who described the communication to The Denver Post.
Romanoff turned down the overture, which included mention of a job at USAID, the foreign aid agency, sources said.
If I were Joe Sestak I would be very careful today in responding to the WH lame excuse. It Romanoff was offered a paying job at USAID, then there is a very good chance Sestak was also provided an option that paid, as well as provided him other personal value.
Keep you eyes on these stories, don't let them go away.  And continue to not trust and try to verify everything you read about the Obama policies and administration.

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