Sunday, January 3, 2010

On National Security by A J Strata

I know I have quoted this man a lot lately but he knows what he is talking about. Today he analyses what went wrong and why the dots were not connected.
One Key Problem With Our National Security – It Turned Bureaucratic
One of the major problems with a heavy government hand in key national activities is the tendency for the bureaucrats to take over and lose site of the primary mission. Surprisingly, you find the private sector folks (bias alert, that would be people like me) much more willing to take chances, push the career risk to try something and see if it works or fails, and to ignore building organizations (verses building solutions).
As Rush would say here, "right on, right on."
I was reading up on the 2009 Intelligence Strategy document put out in August by the Director of National Intelligence (the organization created to connect the dots, which runs the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC)) and it has some disturbing priorities. To provide some context I must note this document was being published just as young Abdulmutallab was entering Yemen for his training with al Qaeda and months before the Ft Hood massacre. So this document is a good sign of the Obama administration’s focus prior to these re-aligning events. A focus developed from the time they took office to August when the report was produced.
This is just a teaser - go read what he says.

UPDATE: Apparently J. Brennan & E. Holder Turned Down The Sensitivity Of Our National Security Network   Very Important, click title link to read.
By AJStrata on Surveillance: Posted on: Sun, Jan 3 2010 1:47 PM

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