Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Harry Reid Is Not a Racist

Harry Reid is an idiot.
Harry Reid is a hypocrite.
Harry Reid is a liar.
Harry Reid is socialist and Marxist.
Harry Reid is an arrogant bully.
Harry Reid is a corrupt "everyone has their price" good ole boy.
Harry Reid is a poor leader.
Harry Reid is a poor speaker / communicator.
Harry Reid is disingenuous.

But Harry Reid is not a racist.

His comment was nothing more than the same sort conversation any marketing person would have when discussing communication to various audiences and the delivery vehicle for that message and that audience. It shows no real anger. It shows no real malice.

But it is in stark contrast to what he and other powerful Democratic leaders have said, have claimed -- that they never (ever) considered race as a factor on their side. It reveals them (and him) as liars. Hypocrites. It reveals the true political greed and "racial profiling" of their ilk. It shows shallow, insincere struggle for power based on winning, not how you play the game.

And yes, I believe there were plenty of conversations like that in both parties at all levels during the last presidential election. That's why my taste for Tea increases on a daily basis. It's not about us, the people. It's not about helping us, or representing what we want. It's about marketing, getting power, so they can do what they think is right, for us. And that is wrong.


  1. Thanks for posting this Ray, I've been pondering it for the past few days. What words are we allowed to use to discuss the different races if not these? They do exist, simply mentioning them doesn't create racism. I'm really tired of the words racism and racist. How about trying out prejudiced or biased for a change? Used to be that we fought racial prejudice...nowadays it seems to be used to obscure issues.

  2. Yes, thanks for posting. I have been mulling over what to say but you have done it far better than I could have.

  3. Amen to that, Ray. It wasn't a racist comment, it was a marketing comment and we are so sick of marketing instead of governing. Ugh.