Monday, January 4, 2010

Newsbusters says John Laughlin Thinks Freedom is Overrated

He did say that but when you read the whole thing the meaning becomes clearer and I am not sure I don't agree with him. This is what he actually said, 
"The most overrated is freedom," McLaughlin said. "When faced with economic uncertainty, people don't want freedom. When they can't see their economic future, they want the nanny state."
From what I have heard from a lot of callers on C-Span we have a lot of those people in our country. So many, in fact, they elected a man who promised them the nanny state.
The good news is they have now realized the nanny state leads to socialism or fascism and they DO NOT want that. That's why the Democrats are going after the bearer of the bad news, Rasmussen Reports and his polls.

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