Monday, January 3, 2011

Troubles in Mexico and in the United States

We who live within a few hours travel time to the Mexican border may keep a closer watch on the problems than do you who not live so close.  Today there seems to be a lot of national attention on the conservative side of the online world.  Maybe there is on the liberal side but since I do not check that as frequently I have no links to them.
Here are some you should read.

Failed State Watch: How Much Longer for Mexico? (Part One)
Pajamas Media by Alber de la Cruz
We know about barbarous cartels. But more terrifying is their cancerous spread through Mexican government, and societal decay caused by a state with no justice. There is no avoiding the problem: we need to know all of Mexico, now.

The Manhattan Project Of Illegal Immigration
by Victor Davis Hanson in National Review
Why do millions of Mexican nationals see America as racist, exploitative — and worth everything to get to and stay in?

And to tell us why they all want to come here we have this by Rick Lowry in National Rivew:
Yes, the Greatest Country Ever
Our greatness is simply a fact.

There is more out there but this should do it for today.

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