Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our next President

I get a great many emails from WL, this one is a good one to post here.  Read it, add or subtract your ideas, and make some comments on it.

Here's a "rule of thumb" on choosing GOP leaders, including the nominee for POTUS 2012:

1)He/she must never indicate a willingness to "sit down and talk" with the Dems,especially Obama.

2)Bonus points should accrue to advocates of "gridlock" should it be warranted.

3)The selectee must not have served in the U.S. Senate.(Having been a governor is a distinct asset!)

4)Study the attributes of Governor Haley Barbour and seek them among the prospects.(Note: Barbour would be an excellent choice, but he may have mellowed and is not desirous of the campaign his qualifications notwithstanding.)

5)Study Paul Ryan's speeches. The selectee's should appear similar.

6)Selectee should never have advocated "comprehensive immigration" for illegals. . . .

7)Should be a distinct hawk on defensive issues.

8)Should be willing to cut all spending other than Social Security, Medicare,Medicaid(Should be a state-run function), veterans' benefits.

(below is his standard signature note)
No More Than Two Terms For All Politicians+Strong National Defense+ Lower Taxes+Strict Adherence To 10th Amendment+Repeal 17th Amendment:Return Election Of U.S. Senators To State Legislatures+Secure National Borders+Balanced Federal Budget+Reform Entire Tax Structure+No Congressional Pay Raises Without Voter Approval

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