Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No More Energy Czar?

I certainly hope that is the case.  We certainly had no need for one.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting Carol Browner will be leaving the administration and there will likely be no one replacing her.  I hope she will not be the only czar gone and not replaced.
White House Energy 'Czar' to Exit in Staff Shake-Up

WASHINGTON — Carol Browner is leaving her position as White House "energy czar," and a staff shake-up is likely to eliminate her post altogether, according to Democrats familiar with events.

The White House health czar position may also be eliminated, said people familiar with the process.

Ms. Browner led the administration's effort to gather votes in Congress for legislation to limit emissions of greenhouse gases. The effort unraveled in the Senate last year, amid opposition from Republicans and some Democrats fearful of its impact on energy prices and jobs.

Ms. Browner was also a heroine to many environmentalists who cheered her decisions when she led the EPA in the 1990s and viewed her as an ally in internal administration debates over environmental regulation. Her influence within the administration within the White House has long been a source of concern to Republicans critical of her record in the Clinton administration.
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