Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Obama, Honduras and Venezuela

I am not condoning the Wikileaks actions, but I have to admit there are some things we wouldn't have known without them.  On the whole I think we have learned a lot about this administrations intriques because of them.  But if your only source of news is MSM you may never learn the most of it.  Because I read Lucianne.com daily I found this from Commentary magazine.
Honduras, Obama, and Occam’s Razorby
by Rick Richman 
In the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Mary Anastasia O’Grady wrote that cables released by WikiLeaks show that the administration knew Honduran President Manuel Zelaya had threatened Honduran democracy — but supported him in order to offer President Obama a “bonding opportunity” with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and a chance to ingratiate himself with Latin America’s hard left.

I have a simpler explanation — not inconsistent with O’Grady’s analysis but closer to the common theme in Obama’s foreign policy in other areas. The day after Zelaya was removed, Obama pronounced it a “coup.” That snap judgment remained American policy even as more and more facts contradicting Obama’s description emerged.
Go read the rest and be sure to link to the WSJ article if you can.  It reinforces the view of how badly America's foreign policy has been handled under this administration. It is an embarrassement.

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