Thursday, December 16, 2010

E J Dionne has a biased view of the political parties

He has a Washington Post opinion piece that is so misinformed it is surreal.  It looks okay to start with but two of the middle paragraphs shows how delusional the man actually is.
The basic difficulty arises from a false equivalence they make between our current "left" and our current "right." The truth is that the American right is much farther from anything that can fairly be described as "the center" than is the left.
Indeed, there is no far left to speak of anymore. Even among socialists - I'm talking about real ones - almost all now acknowledge the benefits of markets, no longer propose state ownership of the means of production, and accept the inevitability of inequalities in wealth and income. What they oppose is the rise of extreme inequalities that are antithetical to both a healthy democracy and a healthy market economy.
 Those two paragraphs are so wrong they make the rest of the article unimportant. If those are his views his discussion is delusional.
Read it all, I think you will agree with me.

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