Friday, February 18, 2011

Texas has a lot of Energy and Energy Politics

This is strictly a Texas Issue- do we combine some of our agencies; do away with others; or live with the status quo?  This is from the Texas Tribune.
Energy or Railroad: Are the Politics Different?
by Ross Ramsey
What’s in a name?

Every two years, political reporters here haul out the story explaining that the Texas Railroad Commission has little to do with trains and everything to do with the oil and gas business. But that’s a little-known thing in the greater community, where work and kids’ soccer and grocery bills are of more immediate concern. It’s not like the label tells you what’s in the box. And, besides, trains are kind of cool.

But lawmakers are considering a list of changes at the agency, including the name — to the Oil & Gas Commission or to the Texas Energy Commission. Another proposal would cut the number of elected commissioners from three to one, focusing all of the attention on one election every four years. That would raise the political profile of the office and would give voters a hint at what they’re deciding.
This is just a hint of what is going on. Go to the Tribune site and read the article. Then take a look at the rest of the site.

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