Friday, February 18, 2011

Do they really not understand the Vinson Ruling or are they just playing games.

I'm pretty sure they are just playing games.   They have ignored the ruling and know they have crossed a constitutional boundary in not just the Obamacare case but in the oil drilling debacle in Louisiana. Read this.
Feds ask Florida judge to clarify meaning of health care ruling

(NewsCore) - The Justice Department has asked a federal judge to clarify the immediate impact of his ruling last month that declared the new health care law unconstitutional, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

US District Court Judge Roger Vinson in Florida, considering a challenge to the health care overhaul by a group of 26 states, ruled Jan. 31 that the entire law must be declared void. Judge Vinson found only one part of the law unconstitutional -- the provision requiring individuals to carry health coverage or pay a penalty -- but he said it was impossible to disentangle that part from the rest of the law.
If I can understand that  part why can't the administrations lawyers?

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