Sunday, December 20, 2015

I heard some of the Democratic debate last night.  I heard Hillary Clinton say ISIS was making videos of Trump and using them for recruitment.  At the time I thought, "is this classified information?  Does she have an informant sending her classified information?"  This morning I watched as Chuck Todd was questioning Trump on this, apparently that had not occurred to him but he did say this, "No fact checkers have been able to verify this.  But what do you think if they are using your words?"  He said that as if they were using Trumps words. My question is, "shouldn't he have left that question till it was fact checked"  He gave Trump the opening to go into Hillarity's other lies.  (I borrowed that name from Molly Ann Wymer and I may be using it from now on.)  I wasn't watching, just listening, so I didn't see the empty stage moment.

Here is Washington Post's fact checker on the Democratic Debate.  I cannot but think with the same type things in the Republican debate we would be seeing multiple Pinnochio's.

The Islamic States Suspected Inroads in America

Did Obama accidentally do this to Sharpton, or will it really matter?

The Hillary Clinton campaign is quietly making cash transfers to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to fund state party efforts in the South.  via

Immigration Officers have given up on tracking 10,000 missing asylum seekers  Time to clean house until we get people who can, and do, care enough to do the job.

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