Sunday, April 10, 2011

I agree with David and Rush Limbaugh when it comes to Donald Trump

I got this in an email today.  It is from Patriot Post but came from a conservative friend.
Trump, Not as a 2012 Candidate, but as a Blueprint

My brother, Rush, said on his program Thursday that Donald Trump, in taking the fight directly to President Obama, has provided a winning blueprint for defeating him in 2012.

Rush was referring to the way in which Trump -- think what you will about him and his politics -- has boldly challenged President Obama on a number of issues, including the notorious birth certificate fracas, obviously unconcerned about fallout from the liberal media.
.......--What moderate conservatives fail to understand is that there is little downside to Republicans sticking to their guns but an enormous downside to their caving. The media will vilify Republicans as uncompassionate, whether or not there's a shutdown; just wait for the debate over Ryan's budget. But if Republicans breach their promise to make these cuts, there will be hell to pay with the base.

You don't defeat the Democrats by picking your battles; you fight them at every turn -- thereby gaining political capital, not using it up.

Nothing would energize the base -- and ultimately the majority of the electorate -- more than Republicans standing their ground and fighting Obama aggressively. They've tried the milquetoast approach before and been punished for it -- most recently in 2006. So, Republicans, man up and follow the blueprint.
Go read it all, it makes so much sense.

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