Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Purim in Wisconsin? - Page 1 - Marvin Olasky - Townhall Conservative

Once again, it is all about the comments. This is the clearest explanation of the lies of the big government push for the unions in Wisconsin that I have found. Read the article, read the comments.

Commenter Big_D_ Wrote:

"Wisconsin is leading the charge -
I had the opportunity to listen in on a Tea Party Patriots conference call this evening, where I listened to a couple of GOP House members and the WI lieutenant governor, as well as several others, speaking about the current fight over fiscal responsibility being waged in Washington and in several state capitols.
One speaker was Bob Williams of Sunshine Review, who framed the real issue being addressed in Wisconsin more succinctly than I have heard it before.

The Unions, the Democrats, and the Media have a narrative that this is about viciously depriving union members of their right to collective bargaining. (more detail at http://www.statebudgetsolutions.org/issues/detail/unions)

This is a lie (ok, it is a gross misdirection of attention).

The most important part of the Wisconsin bill is restoring the right of personal free choice to Wisconsin citizens who are in state government jobs (including teachers). It stipulates that public employee unions must hold an annual election to reaffirm the will of their members to be organized. This is similar to, but different than, “Right to Work” which allows individuals in a union shop to opt in or out of the union.

That is what the whiners and fleebaggers are so afraid of. They aren’t afraid of providing more employee contributions for benefits—they already offered to do that. They aren’t really so afraid of the limited restrictions that would be placed on “collective bargaining”—specifically that they could no longer collectively bargain for benefits, or for salary that would outstrip the CPI. Remember, they are “collective bargaining” with themselves, via the people they get elected with their union money (except, thankfully, last November). Their employer—the taxpayer—is not in the collective bargaining room. This is the fundamental difference between public and private employee unions. So if there wasn’t “collective bargaining”, they could probably get what they want anyway.

Now they are organizing recall campaigns against GOP state senators, who have been doing their jobs as their constituencies elected them to do, while their Democrat fellows have been hiding outside of extradition range.

I think that if everyone understood these facts, and the imperative facing most states to cut spending or be bankrupt, the public outrage at this travesty of the Democrat power-brokers would be deafening.

You know that several other states are in early stages of doing the same, or similar, things. If Wisconsin prevails, it will embolden additional states to take this difficult but necessary step toward fiscal recovery.

Purim in Wisconsin? - Marvin Olasky -

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